Saturday, July 21, 2007

a true chocolate master

My intention was to write yesterday about the launch of the L'Artisan du Chocolat range of chocolate bars that they create straight from cocoa liquor (roasted and squished cocoa beans, in a sense). They are divine. And also I had planned to write about how delightful it was to discuss chocolate with Gerard Coleman, the chief chocolatier at L'Artisan and the chocolate master I was referring to in the title. It was a thrill to be in a room with so many people who were passionate about chocolate, and knew criollo from forastero.

Unfortunately before I got around to writing all of this the rains came. I sat inside our little flat on my day when I do my own things at home and thought I'll pop out to run errands when the rain lessens. Sitting at the kitchen table under the skylight and quite enjoying the look and sound of the cascades. Then I touched my feet to the floor and water seeped through my socks. I looked around and there were giant puddles on the floor. Confused, I got up to see where the leak was. Under the front and back doors apparently. Rivers of water were entering and spreading across the floor, pooling in the slightly lowered and carpeted bedroom. Unfortunately I was half way through cleaning the house which meant that the down duvet was on the floor, so were the suede couch cushions, lots of books, clothes, hairdryer, hair straightener, Jonny's laptop, two computers and many power boards... Joy. Only having the one level I quickly ran out of higher ground to transfer things to and quickly realised I needed to switch off the mains before I got electrocuted wading around in ankle-deep water that covered plugs I couldn't reach to switch off.

It was knee high outside the door so I was trapped. (Well, unless I wanted to experience a rush of water into the flat.) Within an hour the sun came out and the water outside subsided. Thus began the sweeping of the silt and water back outside the house. Carpet in the bedroom is a lost cause. It's messy but it has brought us to talk to our neighbours which is nice. And right now I'm safe and dry in Mal Maison in Oxford while our flat probably sweats into a greater stench. Mmmm. Nice bithday present for the man!

I hope everyone else is ok!

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