Saturday, March 21, 2009

making brownies

Last weekend I made brownies from the recipe in this month's Red magazine. Then I made them again with my amended recipe. It's going out in the newsletter I'm sending out today. After that I will try to put it on the website.

The first batch were too cake-like but the second batch more intense. There's still some more tweaking to get my vision of the perfect brownie (which plenty of people already sell) but these are pretty darn good, nonetheless. Enjoy!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Melt arrive at Selfridges

OK, so I took this three weeks ago but am clearly having a productive evening from an e-commerce perspective (read: procrastinating overhauling the shopping cart system) so here you go!

Melt opened a concession in Selfridges just before Valentine's Day (brave souls!). It's very pretty (as well as having fabulous chocolate). Go and check it out. While you're there pop in to Artisan du Chocolat's concession as well. It's great having great chocolate sold centrally.

If anyone can teach me how to upload pictures straight from my BlackBerry to Blogger I will be sure to update this blog more regularly!

If anyone can tell me how to send pictures straight from my BlackBerry to Blogger then I will be sure to update this blog more frequently!

Jen S's chocolate tiramisu

It's a poor picture but you get the idea! Made by Jen S, one of the fabulous Chocolate Ecstasy chocolate guides.