Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a delicious BBQ - with chocolate

My friend turned 40 last week. He had a BBQ on Saturday and we went to help him celebrate, not just because his partner is such a fantastic cook. After devouring platefulls of delicious savoury food - barbequed salmon, chargrilled holoumi wrapped in red pepper (a surprise bite of chilli hidden in each parcel) and so much more, the desserts were brought out. Later in the evening we counted: a full ten options for dessert. Not bad given there were less than thirty people left at the time they were unveiled. Of these, three were chocolate: tart, mousse and flourless cake (the actual birthday cake). Every single dessert was homemade, except the icecream. Very impressive for a new mum. I wonder if this explains baby's sweet temperament?

Perfect weather, delicious food, great company. A very relaxing weekend. Well, relaxing Saturday, the weather turned for worse on Sunday and there were chores to do...

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