Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Chocolate Entrepreneurs

After the chocolate tour today I went back my usual way through the Cabbages and Frocks market. Lo and behold, a new chocolate maker is on the scene.

Check out Will and his team:

That's Will with the headphones. This is his first foray to selling to the public (he's been supplying events for the last year or so).

And these are his exciting chocolates (all three boxes):

The passion just oozes out of this guy. I love it. I promised him I'd get Alice to deliver next week's tour group to his stall next week. They might be chocolate-ed out but it'll be worth it.

This, I believe, is how he made it through the week preparing the chocolates for market:

Super sugar.

Go along and check him out on Saturdays at the Marylebone market or at his website.

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