Monday, October 06, 2008

An apology

I rarely post here anymore. I hope I will again more regularly, one day not too far away. I still reflect and ponder too many things in my head but it rarely reaches the screen because, although I am thrilled at how my life has expanded with more work and more friendships, it means that when I am at the keyboard these days (and that is about 12 hours or more most days) there is so much work to do, or people to respond to via email.

So, I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you all, maybe some of you more than you would think I am from the lack of contact.

And, I'm still eating lots of chocolate. We had a lovely day yesterday with dear friends. It poured with rain but it was so nice to be in the countryside in a real house that it didn't matter we stayed indoors. We had a yummy lunch and divine brownies. Carol is such a great baker. She'd make a fortune if she chose to set up shop. Though, maybe not, I guess baking is not the most profitable business. It would be fun though! I think I would probably end up eating all my profits if I tried it.

Chocolate Week starts next Monday. So quickly it's upon us! And so many exciting events. I'm really excited about the Full Day tour I have on the 18th.

OK, a few more things to do before I sleep. I'll be back soon!

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