Sunday, November 27, 2005

Birthday Chocolate

I celebrated my birthday this week. Yes, the whole week! I believe in birthweeks rather than birthdays, I love extending celebrations! Of course, it also falls at Thanksgiving and end of exams for my (dwindling numbers of) studying friends so it makes slightly more of an excuse to carry on celebrating. I celebrated by eating expensive chocolate every evening. And also by hiring a room at the Imperial China in China Town for dinner and karaoke with 40 fabulous friends. It was an entertaining evening! The food was absolutely delicious and the room was gorgeous. Fortunately the staff were more than happy to accommodate my request to bring in trays with the best chocolate brownie in the world that I had ordered from Flour Power and picked up at Borough Market earlier that day. Yes, I realise it might sound a little arrogant to buy and bring my own birthday cake but two of my friends had their birthday on the Sunday so it was with the intention of acknowledging them that I bought the cake (…and because I really wanted to eat brownie for dessert!!). Strangely enough, the third tray disappeared… As long as it was enjoyed that’s ok with me.

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