Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chocolate in the High Street

Last night I attended the opening of a new Hotel Chocolat store in High St Kensington. The people who work for the company are lovely and I admire their rhetoric of quality chocolate and supporting the cocoa farmers. If we don’t it could mean disaster for all of us! Did you know that the quantity of quality cocoa beans is decreasing? The more people accept the easier to grow and harvest poor quality beans the more inclined the farmers will be to grow these crops instead.. meaning decreased availability of real chocolate. The store is very pretty, the staff are lovely and they produce some intriguing chocolate candy options… and I currently am not won over by the quality overall. Put it down to personal preference, but I find the range a little hit and miss. Some delicious, some quite ordinary… I’m sure this must be a personal preference and encourage you to sample for yourself!

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