Monday, June 12, 2006

Chatsworth Chocolate

England was treated to hot spell this weekend. Lazing under blue skies scattered with white wisps of cloud in the country was on the menu. Punctuated by dips in the swimming pool and hot tub. There seems to be a sad correlation between the weather and chocoloate consumption. The warmer the weather, the less chocolate I eat. At least durng the day! As with any good BBQ or dinner party (well, in my books) the chocolate boxes come around with the wine into the wee hours…

I love farm shops. As obsessed with food as I am, the highlight of my visit to ChatsworthHouse was the farm shop there. They have their own branded chocolate bars, which, though I tried, I couldn’t find out who actually makes them. They do make a chocolate beetroot cake which though it doesn’t taste particularly different I’m sure it MUST be healthier for you! (Let me tell myself that!!)

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