Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Leaving Georgia

Gosh, so much to say... what an incredible 3 days. These kids are just phenomenal. They have almost nothing and yet they are so willing to share what they do have. They shared back with us the sweets we had given to them. The boys carried my bags and picked me flowers, and even insisted I go through doors before them. Certainly not what I had expected. It's great to see that the work that the guys from Zest have been doing is really taking effect - this is not the picture that was painted for us. It was better than we had expected, yet still wasn't all roses and candy. In the past these orphanages have had no heating and no running water and it was standard that at least one child would die during the Georgian winter. Many of the kids were very shy and reserved to begin with, some of them really didn't want to know us, yet by the end of our time with each group every child was grinning. Though they appreciated the toys we brought them it was our attention that brought the best reaction from them, just to play with them and see them light up. When they began spontaneously hugging and kissing us... you could not help but be moved. I will be back.

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