Monday, March 17, 2008

Cake made with Willie's chocolate

This one was cooked, not like his Cloud cake. It's very good. I'm going to putthe recipe in my Easter newsletter which I'll send out this week. You can sign up for it via the free cookie recipe form on the left of the Chocolate Ecstasy Tours homepage.


mario presi said...

As a chocoholic and a chef I love everything about this meraviglioso ingredient :-)
I have a question for you though: was it you with Willie in one of the tv show..I think it was last week?!
Mario the chef.

Jennifer said...

Hi Mario, yep it was me!

Willie's chocolate has got a lot less grainy since then. it's really fun to play around with - as I'm sure you know already. I'd love to try one of your creations one day!