Sunday, March 02, 2008

Willie and the Chocolate Factory starts tonight!

Ahead of plan people! 9pm Channel 4 tonight. Watch it!!


Russell Maddicks said...

Hi Jennifer,
Wasn't Willie's Wonky Chocolate factory great!
But where can you get hold of the panela de cacao apart from Selfridges?

Anyway, I wrote about it on my blog:
Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory brings Venezuelan cacao to UK

href="">Chuao: In Search of World's Finest Cocoa Beans

Jennifer said...

Hi Russell,
For the moment you can only get it at Selfridge's. They have exclusivity on it. I'm not totally sure when it lasts until, at least a month or two though (they only launched in the last two weeks). I bought them both last week. I think the citrus one is nicer, but they are both pretty special!