Thursday, December 11, 2008

L'Atelier du Joel Robuchon

The only trouble with eating is that eventually you get full and then, sometimes, you have to wait a while before you eat again.

I went to L'Atelier du Joel Robuchon for the pre-theatre dinner this evening (though, clearly, didn't go to the theatre afterwards this time). It was my first, long awaited visit there. For £19 for 2 courses or £25 for 3 (plus service) this was a fabulous taste of what they can do. There are only two options for each course and desserts are either a sweet dessert or single cheese with crackers.

My friend and I exchanged gifts after we finished our meal and the waitress enquired as to whether we were celebrating Christmas and we told them birthdays as well. A few minutes later they brought out this plate:

Isn't that pretty?! And so thoughtful. It was also the most divine tarte au citron I may ever have eaten. Mouth wateringly tart and delicate. Given we were full already (we couln't resist the Opera accompanied by lime and vodka sorbet) this mini portion shared between two was perfect. Incidentally, while the two components of the dessert I just mentioned were delicious, they had to be enjoyed separately as they were not remotely complementary.

It was quite interesting they brought this birthday plate as I was lamenting that my birthday was passing with less and less fanfare with every year (mainly notable by fewer celebrations that included candles). I know this should be expected, and probably welcomed really. I am not complaining - I did have a wonderful extended Sunday lunch in a cosy pub with half of my closest friends which was actually pretty close to a perfect way to mark another year.

I still feel so full. Tonight was the third of three (or more!) course meals this week. A fabulous, but oh-so-full week. Italian, Chinese and French. And I still have to post pictures of Guatemala!! Not to mention the fascinating shopping I did last week... I should probably fit a run into all of this eating somewhere as well.

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