Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009 Chocolate Awards announced

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Sorry I've been a bit slow on the uptake of this! I didn't realise the date had passed.

There isn't a big change from previous years. Amedei won Bean to Bar Award again (this time for No. 9). It was well-deserved. William Curley took the title of Chocolatier of the Year again. Also, well-deserved. He uses mostly Amedei, which helps, but they are superbly well-made chocolates too.

Some newcomers taking away awards - including Golds - which is exciting. Most of what Amano (the new-ish bean-to-bar chocolatier from Utah, USA) entered was really impressive. Having participated in the judging I can now say that this is a great way to make your own selections of what chocolate to buy. No more spending money on poor quality chocolate with a fancy brand or fancy packaging! Though I would still encourage you to buy some of that chocolate if you pass by it and it attracts your attention - you never know whether you might discover the next best chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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