Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chocolate Week 2009

The highlight of the year!

Of course, every week should be Chocolate Week but this is the official one! Click the title to go to details and get yourself along to something!

I'll be going to The Almeida for a three-course chocolate dinner (can't wait!) but then I'm off to Spain FOR DINNER AT EL BULLI!! (unfortunate week but when the proverbial "they" say that 2 million people apply for 8000 places in a year, you don't say no!). I'm even more excited for this meal (and nervous, having read recent reviews like Chris's here). Finally I'll be back in London for my brother's gets married (I'm a bridesmaid!), then there's my Full Day Chocolate Tour on Saturday. All sorts of deliciousness awaits us there.

So, in conclusion, it's pretty likely I will need to go shopping for new clothes next Sunday...

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