Friday, October 23, 2009

Le Ecole Internationale de Patisserie, Perpignan

I woke up in France, fell asleep in Spain and, betwixt and between, tasted 11 desserts, multiple chocolate and caramels at Le Ecole Internationale de Patisserie, and ate 35 courses at El Bulli, the *best* restaurant in the world, followed by a petit four cabinet of 17 different types of chocolates.

Yes, this was a very happy day.

The El Bulli post is still to come, but first: some pictures taken at Le Ecole Internationale de Patisserie in Perpignan, France. Drool over these, my friends....

My favourite was the chocolate one to the left of the apple. It had a layer of caramelised banana between the chocolate sponge base and chocolate mousse.

Apricot with peanut praline. Ick. This one was not for me.

Saint Honore Possibly my favourite. Pistachio mousse and berries and pastry and oh, just goodness...

Check out the inside of this apple creation!
Apple mousse, raw and cooked apple marmalade, ginger biscuit base.

Coconut and mango with white chocolate and caramel and biscuit. This one was also delicious. zingy and fresh, while deliciously creamy.

And, in the other room - the class my friend wasn't in - the chocolates:

Heaven, people, this was heaven. The best bit? We were allowed to take what we wanted from the chocolate room! I felt like Gretel being given permission to eat the gingerbread house. A childhood fantasy come to life.


Edd said...

Heaven, definitely my sort of place, although the apple one cut in half reminds me of a bagel!

Jennifer said...

Unfortunately I will need to learn French before I can enrol! It's expensive too, so not high on the to do list! Incredible to be able to visit like that though.

Kavey said...

oh my! Oh My! OH MY!

Looks fantastic!