Wednesday, March 22, 2006

To Canada I go…

Another country, another seminar…. The location in downtown Vancouver was alongside a street with three gorgeous chocolate shops. For some reason I have chosen as one of my closest friends a “recovering chocolic”. Yes, this means he doesn’t eat chocolate. Luckily he tolerates my obsession, with only mild ribbing of me, and even is so kind as to search his friend’s house in the middle of the night to find me some chocolate (he did).

Vancouver has sushi that rivals Melbourne. (Maybe better...?) There are several sushi restaurants on every block. We ate at Tsunami on Robson, and while there might be better, we liked it enough to return! If we weren't eating sushi in Tsunami you could find us at Earl's. The salmon in their salad was so far removed from the salmon you get in the UK it seems incredible that they can be named the same food.

We’re off to Big White ski resort tomorrow. Bizarre to think that less than two weeks ago I was soaking up the sun on my parent’ balcony in a bikini, and tomorrow I’ll be wading through snow… Still need the bikini for the hot tub!!

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