Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chocolate Nemesis

I’m so fortunate to have grown up in a family of chocoholics. Or perhaps I just feel that way because I’m sure that is why I love chocolate so much and it’s nice to share the love with the people I love. Running the chocolate tours is reinforcing what I already was quite convinced of: men love chocolate as much as women. Many not as many men but men can and do love chocolate just as passionately. For me, the great thing about guys who like chocolate is that they also tend to prefer dark. At least they do in my family.

I went with my brother for dinner at the Botanical in Melbourne. It’s a tradition of ours to have dinner together when we’re in the same city, as we both love good food. I went scourng the internet looking at the menus of the best restaurants in Melbourne, choosing based on what chocolate delights they proffered on their dessert menu. I couldn’t resist the sound of the Valrhona Chocolate Nemesis with Gold Leaf. Having discovered Valhrona was about as diffiult to find in Melbourne as one would imagine it to be in rural China I was quite excited. This is where I became grateful for the shared chocolate passion that runs in our blood, to order this dessert requires a minimum of two people. Served with poached figs and raspberries, balsamic icecream and pouring cream the combination was divine. What a difference it makes to use quality chocolate in the recipe.

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