Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sun, sand and Pitons

Internet access here is limited. I’m surprised by how spread out things are on this island. Without renting a car or paying for cabs you are more or less stuck at whichever resort you are staying at. Fortunately with a group of about 20 staying at Balenbouche and more wedding guests dotted along the West coast we managed to rotate the swimming between a few different locations (it’s a tough life). Arriving a week later than most, I appear to have missed the major sightseeing adventures. Oh well. The Pitons – I’m assured – are the best thing to see anyway. I’m not 100% certain if "they" are referring to the giant mountains displaced by volcanoes that jut out of the Western landscape, or the St Lucian local beer…

Another wedding is about to occur… This time my cousin and his gorgeous American girlfriend. This was why they chose St Lucia – it seemed unfair to choose just one of their homes to celebrate the nuptials. There are 37 in total, including the bridal party – 22 in their twenties! This is making for quite a large party in the Caribbean!

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