Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Wonderful World of Chocolate

Real chocolate on every corner. I love Paris. My first visit to France since I was very small when I apparently climbed the entire Eiffel Tower on my own – have to take my mother’s word for that one. The French know their chocolate. Every boulangerie and patisserie had their own homemade chocolates and while I sought out every chocolate store I could find information on on the internet (to the weary tolerance of my travelling partner) I also stumbled across many more.
I did learn that just to be French does not mean the chocolate is fantastic. Still, you are never too far from chocolate that is. It was a delight that even the corner stores stocked several brands of quality dark chocolate. I kept walking past these stores thinking they were specialty chocolate stores as I glanced the massive display of bars.

My suitcase is full of chocolate...

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