Saturday, April 08, 2006

Molten Chocolate Lava Souffle

I seem to be making a tradition of trying chocolate soufflés in each country I visit… Joey’s in Kelowna, aside from an amazing ahi tuna salad, also serves an incredible chocolate lava soufflé. It tastes better shared. Having not taken any chocolate onto the mountain, our two visits to Joey’s and the odd chocolate chip cookie from the Big White Bakery were my only chocolate indulgences in the ten days we spent at the ski mountain. Though the same cannot be said for my friend’s son, who came back from ski school every day with a hot chocolate mustache. Sweet.

A few more days in Vancouver and I’m off to St Lucia for another wedding (via Miami). Canada is definitely proving better than my encounters in the United States in selling better quality chocolate. I think the Candian teeth are slightly less sweet than their North American neighbours.

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