Saturday, May 13, 2006

Vegetarian Chocolate

Mildred’s Vegetarian restaurant in Soho have been serving up sensational vegetarian food for years. Waiting times for a table are long at this reasonably priced, friendly eatery. I’m guessing the Chocolate and Prune pudding is good because we were told there was none left when we went to order it. Fortunately the special: a vegan maple, pecan and chocolate mousse was available, and divine. The chef at Mildred’s specialises in vegan desserts, the kind that you wouldn’t know were vegan unless you were told. Yum

I’ve started volunteering with Speakers Bank. An amazing organisation that delivers public speaking training to schools and also to adults. Apart from chocolate I am passionate about getting more relevant education into schools. It is so encouraging to be present amongst group of teenagers who have so much passion and the most inspiring visions for the world - how the want to make it a better place. The greatest thing about this program is they have the opportunity to express all of this, and learn the skills that will make them more eloquent in doing so. It gives them more confidence in all areas of their life, and is so necessary that they have this freedom to express who they are, rather than being told what they should be doing. I'm excited.

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