Monday, March 26, 2007

many desserts

What a fabulous weekend. Strange that I worked Saturday yet the weekend almost seemed to feel longer than others. Though I guess I haven’t had a completely free weekend in a long time. Funny how action begets more action. Despite having less available time it almost felt like I got more done. But I guess the “more” was really just having a relatively clean and tidy flat. Always good for the soul! I stopped in very briefly at Paul’s on Saturday (Paul A Young). He was busy in the kitchen so I didn’t disturb him. He has some chocolates on display that were very tempting – though I did restrain myself. Sort of... I bought one of his brownies. He’s got a simnel flavour on display but there were no samplers so I stuck to walnut and raisin. Yum. Gooey. He had a 100% bar available to try. It was pretty spectacular, for a 100% bar, not bitter at all. I’m sorry now I didn’t buy any. Very foolish of me.

I ate three more desserts this weekend (and only managed a twenty minute run…) One of the desserts I did share! Strangely, in three desserts I didn’t choose another chocolate one. Fortunately other people on the table did so I managed to sample some. Afternoon tea at Laduree for a fabulous friend’s 30th was delicious. Their hot chocolate really is divine (I had a delicious caramel tea but polished off other people’s chocolat chaud.) The Arabica (coffee and walnut cake) was sensational too. From there a smaller group of us went to Pizza Organic and I foolishly overlooked an award winning gluten free chocolate cake for the lemon and almond cake. The latter was good, but not compared to the fudgy, chocolate dessert that I cheekily assisted my friends in demolishing. I had serious food envy. A sugary, sugary sweet day. We bought macarons to take away, but they are still sitting on the kitchen bench for the moment. I bought all the chocolate varieties, including chocolate and blackcurrant. Report to follow…

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