Friday, March 30, 2007

Dreaming about chocolate

I keep dreaming about chocolate. I was not even aware I was doing it, except a couple of times I've had flashbacks about buying chocolate, or speaking to people about chocolate, and then realised that they never actually happened and so I must have dreamt them. Well, I guess there are worse things to dream about!

I got to talk to Holly today. She just got a promotion at work while I was in Africa (hooray!). We decided she is going to continue to be the most popular person because she is always bringing in cakes to work. I don't know what happened to the world that almost no one bakes from scratch these days. It tastes so much better. I wish I worked with her! I used to take in cakes and cookies to work too. I rarely do now. I don't make things that often, and when I do I have Jonny to eat them. Though he told me off the other day. Apparently I have to stop making nice things to eat. Because if I wasn't around he wouldn't bother with sweet things. It is my fault that he has to eat them and he is voicing concerns that despite all the running and cycling and climbing and snowboarding he does, he is going to get *fat*. My fault entirely. I am a terrible person for making cookies.

I don't know how Holly manages to make cakes and take them in without even trying them first! She just got a new recipe book and was reading me the recipes over the phone. Unfortunately I don't have the patience for ones that take an hour in the oven and then an hour to rest afterwards too. Though I would desparately like to make a cake now. Any sort of cake. Unfortunately I can't keep walking past the boxes in the hallway screaming "get me out of the way", and I still haven't gone and collected the last few. I'm not sure where the mini-trampoline is going to fit. Back to the boxes. Fortunately I have sustinance (read: chocolate) to make it more pleasurable!

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