Sunday, January 07, 2007

Chocolate High

I love doing Chocolate Tours. Which I guess is a good thing! I always feel on such a high at the end of a tour. Which I'm sure is in part due to all the good stuff in good quality chocolate! But it's also fun getting to know other chocolate lovers. My theory that people who love chocolate are all the loveliest people continues to be reinforced!

I also think I'm beginning to understand why people like shopping: I'm a strange exception to my gender that generally dreads shopping. We pass so many lovely shops along the walk that even I am usually tempted. Yesterday I went back to one of them and I now I understand one possible reason why people like shopping: I asked the staff for help in finding me clothes. Sales assistants say all sorts of nice things to get you to buy things - great for the ego! They also hunted out good things for me so I just got to follow and approve or veto. So lazy! Way to feel good... Lucky there's still chocolate, which is likely to be a cheaper way to feel good!

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