Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Chocolate!

er, I mean Happy New Year!, of course.

Though I did decide to go walking in the rain on December 31st to visit the "new" chocolate shop in Kensington. We had planned to wait and just stepped out to get olives for the olive bread (incidentally found some amazing organic ones in Luscious Organic on the way) but then decided to keep walking. Good decision as also managed to (finally!) buy some new boots.

Sorry, the chocolate: one day Pierre Marcolini closed in Lancer Square; the next Luento Santoro opened. Named after a little boy who used to spend his time at the South American plantation the store looks strikingly similar but is confusing customers who wander in looking for Marcolini. I hadn't been in there myself for over a year. While I like Marcolini chocolates it just isn't in a convenient location for me. So this was a special trip to see what had happened. Why had the Marcolini store changed it's name? Were the chocolates actually different?

The very helpful lady behind the counter kindly let us try a chilli chocolate. Good choice. Very creamy and sweeter than some, this had just the right amount of chilli. So we bought one of almost everything. Except the pralines. And devoured them over the next few days. The chili remains the favourite. Like Marcolini (very like Marcolini in fact) these chocolates are good. Unfortunately not so good that I will make special trips to get some. But I am glad to know that if I am ever in High Street Kensington I can get a quality chocolate fix. The chocolate covered cocoa beans are very good. I'm afraid what might happen if I eat these too often though! Useful if I ever need to stay up all night.

I hope you all had a fabulous new year's celebration and that 2007 brings you everything you could want, and lots of chocolate!

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