Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chocolate high without the sugar...

Well, I had some salmon last night at Yo Sushi, but have still not (knowingly!) eaten wheat, dairy or refined sugar.

On Thursday I found creative ways to get a chocolate hit, avoiding the chocolate in my cupboard. It's quality stuff and is much lower in sugar than anything you would buy in a supermarket, but still would break "the rules" which I was determined to try and carry on as long as possible.

So how did I get my chocolate high?

I took a teaspoon of organic white almond butter and put it in a mug with a date and poured a small amount of boiling water on them to mash them together into something of a paste. Then I added a large teaspoon of raw cacao powder and when they all blended together I added a bit of cold water, then a bit more hot to make a warm chocolate. It was really good. Perhaps I just thought so because it was my first taste of anything chocolate-y for 48 hours.

So far I am still without sugar but I'm currently looking at chocolate recipes on the web and getting very tempted to fall off the wagon. Do you think if I substitue agave syrup it will count as sugar free? :-)

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