Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gu Brownies

After being told a long time ago that I had to try these brownies. I finally succumbed on a late last-minute trip to Tesco last night. Yes, how boring of me: in Tesco on a Saturday night getting shooed out of the store by the staff.

Back to the brownies.

Because I was two steps from getting manhandled to the checkout I threw the brownies in the basket without glancing at their ingredients. I remembered reading Gu ingredients about two years ago when they first launched their chocolate souffles and being pleasantly surprised that the list was minimal and contained no artificial or unnecessary nasties. When I got the brownies home and finally looked at the list I discovered that the chocolate they use has vanillin in it. Vanillin! I know! Surely they know that real chocolate only has vanilla in it, and that vanillin is a cheap chemical substitute. Horrified. I have to say if they were amazing this wouldn't stop me eating them, but frankly, they are only ok. But when you've had the best it's hard to enjoy substitutes, and therefore I may be being quite harsh. If you have tried them and enjoyed them then I suspect you will like these brownies even more.

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