Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chocolate & Luxury

Mmm... today I chose not to spend all day enjoying a beautiful English sunshine-y day outside, and headed to the Conde Nast Luxury Travel Fair. L'Artisan du Chocolat were giving short talks and tastings - their tobacco chocolate is such a strange (and addictive) experience. We wandered around the various stalls and chatted with some of the salespeople, picking up some lovely brochures for cruises and skiing holidays and cookery courses... mmm... those ones are high on the list. Had a test of the British Airways Club & First Class beds (First is definitely better, but I will accept Club ;-) ).

Then, we went to try and find Lloyd Grossman, but got distracted by the food section of the Home & Garden show downstairs... somehow we got stuck amongst those few aisles for hours, sampling olives and oils and seeds and chutneys and sauces... Ladened with purchases (and pretty brochures from upstairs) we reemergenced into the sun when they kicked us out (not allowed to leave via the red carpet we entered on because we waited too long).

I love London. We wandered the streets and settled in to enjoy a few more hours of sun in a park, finally eating some of the foods we'd brought with us. One of the stalls in the Food Fair was Chococo. This is a company I've seen stocked in many stores but not sampled yet. Meeting the owners and discovering the couveture was from El Rey - I was sold instantly. Yet I can't comment on them right now because I'm far too full from delicious tarts and cakes from Popina to even consider opening the box. I promise to update you soon!

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