Friday, July 28, 2006

Women in Chocolate

Attended a fantastic seminar today – Women in Business. I thought it was put on by a long-standing professional organisation that I just hadn’t heard of yet. I was duly impressed when I discovered it was actually a Landmark SELP project. Kudos to Jackie for putting it all together. The speakers were varied and brilliant. I had planned on going before I discovered Claire Burnett, from Chococo, was speaking. She was, of course, my favourite. And though I was probably biased by the subject matter her passion for her topic was uncontainable. I did have to find her during the break and explain that I wasn’t stalking her, though I had seen her in London a few weeks before and down in the shop just last weekend.

Met loads of fantastic people at the seminar, all in different stages of setting up their own businesses. After 3 days of eating really well I was definitely on some kind of trippy sugar buzz after starting the day with biscuits and then sampling Chococo’s chocolates Claire had brought with her. Oh, how I love them.

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