Tuesday, July 25, 2006

William Curley chocolates

As compensation for not returning to Chococo before leaving Dorset (I know, it wasn't really on the way home!), we detoured into Richmond to visit William Curley.

Arriving with just 5 minutes until closing time, the warm weather and bustle of traffic suggested they weren't ready to close just yet. Lucky, because I didn't want to rush this. After trekking here twice only to find they weren't open, especially last week in the sweltering heat, I was going to savour this.

We decided it prudent to sample almost all of the filled chocolates and truffles. And for good measure, a brownie as well. First, the brownie: well, though the valhrona creation was tsaty, it was not, under any definition I've heard, a brownie. Yes, it had walnuts in it, but it was neither fudgy, dense, nor crisp. Still. it made a very nice, light mini-cake.

Of the truffles the standout was the cassis. And of the filled chocolates the raspberry and the Japanese one (sorry - I forgot what it was called!).

All the pastries looked so delicious. And the icecreams looked amazing! Sea salted caramel! Have to go back...

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