Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another chocolate fondant anyone?

I had to order it, it had a 15 minute waiting time. I was really impressed by Morel (SW4). Although something very wrong happened with my Sea Bass, I wasn't planning on saying anything because the starter was so delicious I forgot to offer to share and the service had been so impressive, yet the waitress noticed I had destroyed it without actually eating much of it. She apologised and when they brought out our desserts (15 minutes later) she brought each of us a free glass of dessert wine. Lovely lovely lovely. It's true what they say about fixing customer problems makes an even happier customer than had the service just been normal. Although I would have been a happy camper anyway. I'm also a sucker for unrequested surprise appetiser gifts. Carrot and orange soup - yum.

Oh, this chocolate fondant was actually chocolate and orange fondant which almost put me off (I overdosed on Terry's chocolate oranges as a kid and will not go out of my way to eat orange flavoured chocolate). The orange was subtle and the pudding was good, though almost a little bit like it had been boiled? Just not quite the texture I was expecting.

Until the next chocolate fondant, I shall return to work.

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