Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still no Yauatcha chocolate for me...

It was Dani's birthday on Monday and she came to town yesterday so we went out for dinner last night. First to Busaba Eathai which I must have eaten at over 20 times in the last year, a trustworthy friend. It had to be Thai of course, because we met in South East Asia and green curry brings back such good memories. And then, because all birthdays require cake (obviously), we headed over to Yuatcha to have one of theirs. Alas, they were all booked out for dim sum. So I am still waiting to try their chocolates. Luckily we arrived at Sketch (the parlour) and persuaded the waitress to let us select a cake before they put them away for the evening. A light white chocolate cloud with a fruit and coriander jelly centre... I don't particularly like white chocolate (which, yes, isn't really chocolate according to the "rules") but this was sensational. Their berry sponge is traditional. Tasty and comforting but doesn't experiment with molecular gastronomy like this other sweet creation. I can't wait to go eat at Sketch in November!

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