Sunday, October 08, 2006

I ran London!

10km of it! The Nike 10K. Around Hyde Park, such a pretty park. I haven't run a race since I was 15, and that was the school cross-country. Girls only ran 4km, I remember almost collapsing at the end of that. I was so short of breath I had to use someone's asthma inhaler - and I'm not asthmatic! It helped me to breathe, but I couldn't stop the shakes for a while! Anyway, last year I discovered running is quite cool, and I haven't had too much trouble breathing since! (Except maybe today... I can be a stubborn one and didn't want to stop running, and for some reason felt the urge to sprint across the finish line... duh...)

I meant to start with a 5K race, especially as I was supposed to be in Glasgow this weekend. But then I wasn't needed in Glasgow and Jonny couldn't run because of the operation on his foot two months ago, so I took his chip and shirt and ran for the wrong side of the river. Given I only decided to run 10 days ago I figured it was better I was running for the enemy: my time would likely increase the average on that side! The results aren't out yet...

After a bath and a nap it seemed the only appropriate way to celebrate was with chocolate cake. So I made one. And it is good. The recipe is going in this month's newsletter, it's not mine, but I thought I better test it first (tough job this one!).

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