Sunday, October 01, 2006

My proper English family

Sunday lunch on the Common (Windmill on the Common, that is. It's a lovely pub, where you feel totally secreted from the outside world in the centre room). In an unintentional attempt to affirm our Englishness at this semi-family reunion everyone ordered the roast. Lamb or beef and yorkshire puddings, all around the table. I would have followed suit had there been a vegetarian option, instead I had roast sea bass (but no yorkshires for me...). It was even followed by proper English puddings, everyone having either Sticky Toffee Pudding or Creme Brulee. And, before you laugh at my apparent ignorance, Creme Brulee, despite its name, was invented in Birmingham. Or was it Nottingham? I don't even want to know how someone figured out exposing fire to sugar sprinkled on custard made such a delicious dessert. Northerners. ;-) I lied, not quite all of us had an English after: the younger of my two brothers had a brownie (chocolate addict...). Even still, all three male family members followed their dinner with a Fry's turkish delight bar just an hour later. (I had some Valhrona Manjari...) See: a family of chocolate lovers.

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