Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chinese chocolates?

Last night I had dinner at Yuatcha. The dim sum there is incredible. They also have some of the most amazing cakes in London. And, apparently they sell chocolates too. We were in so much of a hurry to get to the gallery exhibition opening (Chelsea College of Art) that I didn't get to try any. I'll go back but if anyone has already sampled and wants to share their opinion I'd love to hear it.

Ooh, very exciting news for the people booked for this Saturday's tour. As I was organising things this evening La Maison told me that their second-in-charge from the kitchens in Paris will be leading the tasting in La Maison. This is a treat.


Kevin Chan said...
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Kevin Chan said...

Yes, dimsum at Yauatcha must be good... it is one of the two Chinese restaurants that have a Michelin star.
I like most of their cakes. For you, they have two popular dark chocolate cakes: CocoJasmine (dark choco sponge and jasmine choco mousse) and YuzuKuru (dark choco mousse, Yuzu jelly, dark choco biscuit). FYI, Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, looks a bit like small grapefruit... quite popular in southeast Asia in the recent years.