Friday, September 15, 2006

The French do chocolate properly

It's been a long week, so I felt justified in lying in bed most of the day. That, and the rather fierce thunderstorms outside, meant there was little to inspire leaving the hotel. Except French desserts, of course.

We hardly had to step too far from our hotel overlooking the stormy sea to find a little tea house with a glass patisserie cabinet filled with pastries and chocolate covered decadence. I was good and ordered salad to start. Then, a selection of chocolate delights: an opera and a chocolate raspberry tart. It makes such a difference when the chocolate is of good quality. My favourite thing about France: it is unheard of that even in an ordinary café would they serve food with anything but the best quality ingredients.

Tomorrow we dine at a Michelin starred restaurant in Grasse (the town where they make a lot of the world's perfume, I'm informed). I can't wait!

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