Wednesday, September 13, 2006

more chocolate fondant...

Dinner at the Gate in Hammersmith last night and I wasn’t planning on having dessert. Delays on the tube meant I only got to go to the gym for 25 minutes (yes, I recently joined, I’m still loving running around the Common but find it easier to get more variety here); though I was grateful for the endorphins that kicked in enough before I left to shift me from my “I hate commuting” doldrums. So, the intention was not to have dessert, and then I noticed the menu had changed since I last dined there. And it not included a chocolate fondant with a cherry compote, with a 15 minute wait. I am a sucker for any food that requires a wait (as you might remember from last weeks trip to the Brackenbury). I am also unable to avoid ordering chocolate fondant or anything similar whenever it appears on a menu. This dessert was not nearly the taste experience of the cherry cafloutis of the earlier pre-order.but still lovely. I am glad I shared the course.

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