Thursday, September 14, 2006

tube delays...

I’m writing this on my laptop on the tube. Despite the nuisance of lugging my laptop I have been grateful for having it with me. For some reason this has been a hideous week for tube travel, I am only grateful I’ve always had water, music and either my laptop, or when I couldn’t get a seat, a paper to read. So, yes there is lots of backdated entries that I have been writing and not actually putting online. I’ve had an influx of work, which is great, but when I’m going on a four day break to France tomorrow evening I’ve been all hectic trying to make sure everything that needs to be completed, is completed, before I head off. So I can relax properly! It’s going to be lovely… Flying to Nice and going to drive to Monaco, Cannes and up into the hills too. I love France. They know about food. Good food. (Especially chocolate.)

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