Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chocolate in pancakes

Did I mention the pancakes last night? We made two batches. Mine with organic flour, an organic egg, some water and coconut milk. Yum. (I'm not too much of an organic snob, I swear, I just read things, and tend to believe everything I read. Like, apparently, using organic flour makes a big difference to whether cakes rise. Though I wasn't looking for the pancakes to rise... Anyway, when they were cooking they smelt like some kind of coconut pancakes I remember eating in Bangkok. They didn't taste much like it though, they were only mildly coconuty. I began eating them with lemon and syrup. Then I decided to great some dark chocolate onto one, put lashings of black cherry compote and thick (organic!) cream. Divine....

I think every Tuesday should be pancake Tuesday.

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