Saturday, February 03, 2007


I was at the opera last night. Why is it that non-Italian speakers emit cries of "bravo!" almost as though they don't even know they are doing it? Perhaps, the complete immersion in Italian language makes Italians of all of us. There are points when you almost feel like you don't need the subtitles suspended from the top of the front of the stage. Almost. We saw The Troubador (Il Trovatore) and it was brilliant. Stunning, stunning voices; and so satisfying to see men and women on stage who obviously are not afraid to eat food, as opposed to the often scarishly gaunt performers of other arenas.

We ate in the restaurant adjoining too (not the super-fancy one because it was booked out). Fine food, though extravagently priced for the portion sizes and quality combination. We did get mini-madelines and two Opera House wrapped squares of chocolate with our bill. Stock standard chocolate that I foolishly ate today after eating squares of Amedei and Pralus. Without that juxtaposition the ordinariness of the chocolate might not have been so apparent.

This weekend I have a long to do list. It includes "make a chocolate dessert". It's important to include these things, you know. Now to decide what to make...

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