Monday, February 19, 2007

It doesn't stop at the Chocolate Tour

You would think that walking around London eating chocolate for four hours might mean I didn't eat any chocolate for the rest of the day (at least). If you did think that, you would be wrong. True, I don't have too many chocolates along the way, and I skip the hot chocolate myself, but still...

Just a few short hours later I was having dinner with friends and they served chocolate pudding. Well, it would be rude not to! It was good. And I was happy to see it. Try as I might to blame it on etiquette, I was more than happy to eat more chocolate.

My longing for the land of Oz still lingers. This weekend though, I decided I had better try one of the recipes Holly gave me.



So good! I baked the triple chocolate brownie, served it up to the Sunday night guest to serious appreciation, and had to stop myself from eating the rest of it all at once. I finished it today. It has SERIOUS amounts of milk, dark and white chocolate in it. It is very different from the incredible brownies that I buy for the people on the tour (and you will also be able to buy here soon!). The brownies on the tour are pure chocolate fudginess. This one had big chunks of milk and white chocolate and was much less gooey. Both are great...

OK, I'm making myself hungry and cranky that it's all gone now. I want to make more!!

Hmmm, this time next week I'll be preparing to climb a big mountain.

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