Sunday, February 11, 2007

A strange chocolate baking habit

I am homesick.

Since this is normally the time of year that I make my pilgrimage back to Australia I suppose this makes sense. England is my home, too. It's difficult sometimes having two homes. I suspect that this homesickness will pass, or at least abate, soon enough.

I spoke to my best friend from home, Holly, the other day and she gave me two new recipes to try. However, in my nostalgia, I decided to make the double chocolate chip cookies that we used to make on my parents’ farm when we were in high school. Usually there were other friends too, we used to make these biscuits, chopping full bars of cadbury’s dark chocolate and tipping it into the batter. Yummm. This weekend I made them with Lindt chocolate (Tesco has a special at the moment and I have stocked up!). I also made a batch with agave syrup and coconut oil instead of sugar and butter, but that’s another story (an almost equally tasty one, pleasantly).

Every time I bake something (which isn’t usually more than once a week, luckily) I seem to be unable to stop eating it on the days I cook it. I eat so much that the next day I don’t usually want to eat anymore. Which is very useful for whoever I am living with! I bake for immediate cravings, and for the joy of baking, which means after the day I have cooked it, I’m not so interested anymore! (And my body starts craving vegetables and fruits.)

I miss the days of baking with my girlfriends in high school. Claire had her second child a few weeks ago. A little girl, Carly. When I last saw her she was trying to get pregnant. Now she has a baby! I'm so happy for them. I suppose that makes me more homesick, not being able to share events like this with my friends. Three other babies were born to family and friends of mine in the last four weeks. Something must have been in the air last April!

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