Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The gym is a scary place

I arrived at the gym at 6.45 and almost every machine and floor mat was full. When I left 45 minutes later they really were all full. [It's pancake Tuesday! I had to get home to have pancakes!] I did manage to walk onto the machines I wanted as I wanted them [I'm quite good at getting what I want! Usually without even asking...]. I still don't like it being that busy. I'm glad I decided not to renew my membership when it expires at the end of the month. I much prefer running outside, alone. And going rock climbing with friends. I've just bought a bike too! Haven't put the pedals on yet. It cost less than my next month's gym membership would (yeah, not a super-fancy bike). This is a much nicer way to exercise.

Looking around the gym there is a huge range of people. I think that's why I don't like it being so full. I get so enthralled in people watching and with all the mirrors it's really hard to block it all out, when I would rather just get lost in my own thoughts, or focus on exercising itself. Looking at people and wondering who they are, and why they're there. It's a little bit scary watching some seriously skinny women really pushing themselves. It looks so un-fun it makes me think going to the gym at all is a crazy idea. What is it that makes people work so hard on physical "perfection"? Is the pounding of their muscles a way of punishing their psyche? Are they unable to stop whilst there is anyone around with smaller bones, bigger muscles or less body fat? Do they like themselves at all? I know there are plenty of people who push hard because they enjoy stretching the capabilities of their body and building strength and endurance. I don't mean them. The women I am referring to look so unhappy. I wonder if it is worth it.

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