Saturday, February 24, 2007

potential chocolate shortage

I have been unrestrainedly (this is a word, right?) eating chocolate the last few days (I made the brownie again - "oops"). This is because I am going to Africa in a few hours and, although Cacao is grown in Africa, I don't like my chances of getting some. I am struggling to decide just how much chocolate I should take with me. And perhaps it might be wise to have a little break from it? Nah! Do you think customs puts a limit on chocolate?

Because of this trip I will be out of touch for the next two weeks. I will be climbing a rather large mountain and then helping to build a school for a Masai warrior tribe. If you would like to support the building of the school you can donate at I will post some pictures when I get back!

My sympathies to anyone who decided to give up chocolate for lent... Next time choose meat!

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