Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dirty Dancing and a Valhrona chocolate fondant

Are these not the ingredients for the ultimate night for a girl?

I went to see the musical last night. I'm pretty sure every girl between 20 and 70 has a special relationship with that film. It was so much fun to see it live on stage. The actress playing Baby was brilliant and the voice of one of the male supporting actors would on its own be worth going to hear. Unbelievable.

I just looked up the cast and now I know why Johnny's accent was so bizarre - he's Australian. At one point, when he said "Let's get out of here.", he sounded just like Buzz Lightyear. But then he took his shirt off and nothing seemed to matter anymore. The almost all female audience were very appreciative. The musical doesn't quite carry the tension and character of the film, you don't really appreciate how Johnny feels about Baby as well as you do in the film. Still, it was so much fun.

Before the show we went to Bank for dinner. The sea bass was perfectly cooked, crisp skin and delicate flesh, resting atop perfectly steamed sprouting broccoli and the most delicious sweet potato I have ever eaten. Though the dessert list was incredible and I genuinely wanted to try them all, it was an obvious choice to have the Valhrona Chocolate Fondant with malt chocolate icecream. As good as it sounds and I could have eaten two of them. My lovely Jonny sweetly ordered the other chocolate dessert: a milk chocolate and raspberry mousse with raspberry sable, and he let me try it (it was good, but mine was better). My Jonny's great, and he calls me Baby. Now we just have to learn to dance.

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