Monday, April 30, 2007

Levant Moroccan Restaurant

After yet another lovely tour on Saturday where I again pointed people to this recommended restaurant that I had never yet been to, I finally went last night!

We were on the way back from visiting our friends' new baby (she's very cute) and were so hungry as we were passing Marylebone High Street we decided we would just eat out. Our first choice was closed and then I remembered that we were near Levant. So, finally I can speak with authority about the food there.

The dips are fantastic. So are the smoothies and juice drinks. Take my advice and stick to ordering mezze. One or two more mezze and we would have been pleasantly full, but we had already ordered mains. Jonny's mixed grill was about four times the food as my salmon and salad, and I'd almost wished I had asked them to leave the bread on the table for me. Knowing we were getting mains, I didn't eat too much before they arrived. I will definitely go back if I'm ever nearby, but now I know how to order properly. It will be interesting to see what happens in July when the no smoking ban takes effect. The pipes were pretty overwhelming but we were too hungry to go anywhere else at that point. Despite the restaurant part being almost completely empty our host seemed unwilling to sit us in seats as far away as possible from the smoke, yet those seats never were filled in the hours we passed there. Bizarre.

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