Saturday, April 21, 2007

more chocolate fondant

Way-hey it's the weekend. I'm buzzing from the chocolate tour this morning (the BBC were right!) and looking forward to enjoying the rest of the weekend in this glorious weather. Tomorrow we are off to watch my cousin-in-law run in the London Marathon, her first time running, and my first time watching.

I went out for dinner two more times this week so am looking forward to staying in tonight. I have a confession to make: we went to a gastro pub on Thursday night and guess what was on the menu? Yep, chocolate fondant (with coffee icecream). Two fondants in three days. Spoilt. The men did help me with this one though, I have to say, not much. Fondants always come in such tiny portions, I get to the end and think "I could eat another," then twenty minutes later I realise they were just the right size. When it comes to chocolate though, I always want more.

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