Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday is chocolate day

OK, every day is chocolate day. It just seems that way lately because in preparing for tours I have to do chocolatey things the day before. Today I went to visit two chocolate shops, and I went back to Daylesford Organics. I also went passed the now-closed Luento Santaro.

I didn't get another brownie from Daylesford because I was off to The Chocolate Society and knew that I really should try theirs (though I may have long ago). When I got there I found a variety of choice, all baked onsite, with Valhrona chocolate. I asked for explanations and what I should try (deciding to limit myself to just one). "Do you like rich chocolate?"

"Yes, she does," replied my friend.

My sheepish smile indicated my agreement so rather than the brownie on this occasion I opted for the flourless chocolate cake (it has another name which I don't remember, sorry). I didn't try it until this evening and they weren't kidding. It is so rich. More like eating a truffle than a cake. Good, but next time I think I'll have the brownie (and maybe a truffle or two as well).

I have a new phone with a reasonable camera on it and my plan for this weekend is to find a way to transfer my contacts from the current phone so in future I can capture all my chocolate expeditions in pictures. Because sadly by the time I get home to the SLR the chocolate treat is at least part demolished (yes, I know no restraint when it comes to chocolate, save when - if ever - I'm satiated).

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nicholas said...

Your post sounds as yumm as any chocolate. I am a chocolate lover but i think i can never surpass your love for chocolates. I guess you are looking for some option to transfer your contacts to your new phone. I did it with when i changed my phone. They create a backup and allow to transfer contacts and no tecnical skills required ( the best part!!)