Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chocolate Easter craziness

It's almost Easter and there is so much chocolate in the media at the moment. I'm happy to be amongst them. Though it's about time I started seeking the media and then the tours might turn up in more publications.

Last Saturday I was invited for coffee and cake at the lovely Alex's fabulous flat (Alex is female). I don't think anyone actually drank any coffee. (I love how herbal tea is so mainstream these days, though I am ribbed at home for my ever growing range that is threatening to overtake all of the shelf space in the kitchen.) Though there was no coffee, there was definitely cake. A divine chocolate profiterole tart. Combining two of my favourite things. Proper chocolate ganache and perfectly made profiteroles. This used to be one of my favourite desserts my mum used to make. She never filled them with the weird sweetened cream which is how they are traditionally served, but just hot in a bowl with hot chocolate sauce and pouring cream.

Yes, I know the "weird cream" is crème pâtissière and when it is done well tastes nothing like the sugary concoction that goes into the cheap version that supermarkets and some bakeries sell. Case in point: the profiteroles in this tart were plumped with a divine cream that contained the tell-tale grey flecks of real vanilla bean. Surprisingly even the pastry on this tart was just perfect, it would have been delicious as a biscuit in its own right. Alex came on the chocolate tour two weeks ago and brought out the two salted chocolate bars she had bought on the trip. It was great to be able to sample the two next to each other. Though difficult to compare because one contains chopped almonds.

I saw in the paper this morning that Thornton's had made the largest ever edible billboard in Covent Garden. Made from 390kg of chocolate it measures 4.4m X 2.9m. A media and advertising first. This is to coincide with their decision to remove all the Hydrogenated Fats and GM ingredients from their Easter products. About time! Wonder if that applied for the billboard too... Would have been quite expensive to create if they did use real chocolate!

It took 300 hours to build but apparently was eaten in a day. Doesn't sound very hygenic to me.

In other chocolate Easter egg reporting, in an independent survey by Which?, Cadbury's was voted at the bottom of the scale for the taste of their milk chocolate Easter eggs. *Wow* Who would have guessed?

Sorry, I'll stop being so smarmy. But please, please buy good chocolate this Easter.

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