Thursday, May 03, 2007

chocolate cake for breakfast

I had a rather ordinary start to the week so I decided to treat myself by making a chocolate cake. For me part of the treat is in the making. But it was also good and I kept slicing further skinny slices that amounted to a rather sizeable piece of cake. Oh well, it was good for my soul.

This morning the cake was sitting on the bench, topped with a spread of hardened dark chocolate and looking delicious. It has been such a long time since I have done anything so decadent as to eat cake for breakfast. Professional chocolate tasters always do their tasting of chocolate in the morning, when one’s palette is at its most discerning. This is part of the reason the chocolate tours start at 10am, so you can really experience the difference in the quality and taste of the chocolate. On non-tour days I tend not to eat any chocolate until at least mid-afternoon. It’s my reward for being productive (and my solace when I’m not). Sometimes I won’t eat any until after dinner and on rare days none may pass my lips. It’s not like I’m an addict or anything. Honest.

But today I decided to try my chocolate cake when my palette was most fresh. It was divine. It felt like such an indulgent way to start the day, my own naughty secret. I won’t be maintaining this habit but it was a nice treat for a change.

The chocolate cake, in case you were wondering, was a muddy chocolate chunk cake. Complete with 300grams of chocolate plus cocoa. I think it’s worthy of going in the next newsletter.

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